Everyone loves going to the movies and that’s what makes Majestic Cinemas Fundraising tickets so easy to sell. Unlike other fundraising concepts, you don’t pre-purchase our tickets making the process risk free for your group.

Here’s how it works for you:

To be involved in Majestic Cinemas Fundraising all your group has to do is sell a minimum of 100 tickets to get the great low ticket price of only $8.50. There is no maximum so your group can sell as many tickets as it likes to make great profits. Check out the steps below to see how easy it is to make money for your group.

You can resell the tickets for any price that you like, so profits will vary depending on the price and the quantity you sell. If you add as little as $2.00 per ticket on top of the cost price of $8.50 and just sell the minimum of 100 tickets you have made an easy $200. With no maximum ticket allowance your profits could add up to a sizeable amount in no time and with very little effort. This is truly a simple and easy way to raise funds.

How to sell?

Successful selling methods will vary from group to group so you should have a think about your methods to ensure the best results for your fundraising attempt. Our order form has been tailor made to provide groups with the ability to adopt their own tickets price and payment methods, so the choice is yours! Group members then use this form to send in their orders and you collate these forms onto one order form for Majestic. It’s easy!

Here’s how to start:


Print out your Order forms- We have designed the forms so you can add your own details and then print out the completed forms for your group. At this point you will need to enter information in 4 keys areas before printing the forms.

These areas are the:

  • Price
  • Return form date
  • Payment Methods- Click the boxes which indicate to your families the methods with which you will be collecting money for their tickets.
  • If you select cheque as a payment method, fill in the “Cheque made payable to” section.



Print and distribute your Order forms, reminding everyone of the ‘return by’ date.




Collect the orders and money from your group and collate all the results by completing the Group Order Form. Send Group Form to majestic Cinemas, either fax back to (02) 6568 7829 or email to Alternatively you can post to PO Box 172, Nambucca Heads NSW, 2448. If you have any questions contact Majestic Cinemas H/O on (02) 6568 6677.




Once we receive your order we will send back a Tax Invoice at which point you should forward payment for the total ticket order to Majestic Cinemas as directed on the Group Order Form.



Wait for your tickets to arrive and distribute them to your families. Enjoy the profits!

It really is that simple!

All prices are inclusive of GST. Prices are current as at July 2015.

Majestic Cinemas reserves the right to increase prices in the future. See order forms for full terms and conditions